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We can help you with all your clutch & brake problems; from checking the fluid & lights to repairing damaged components.

Brakes Services

The car braking system is its single most essential vehicle safety feature, and the team of qualified and experienced car brake mechanics at TNK Automotive can expertly provide a brake service including ABD, Pedal, Drum, Disk etc.

Clutch Services

The car clutch in a vehicle does not unexpectedly give out, but ideally, it is a procedure that happens over time.The team of qualified, skilled and experienced car clutch technicians at TNK Automotive can expertly offer a clutch service including replacement, Cylinder, Cable etc.


All mechanical repairs conducted by TNK Automotive come with a guarantee on all jobs. We are providing this by selecting only the best quality products and tradespeople in the industry to ensure the repairs are of the highest possible standard.